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12 September 2K3

So. Did I ever mention I was trying to write a one-act for the school performances?
That's not happening. Not in time for this year, anyway. But I am co-directing.
Trying to get back into the swing of things on one of my truly crazy ideas. We shall see, we shall see.
(This blog now has an LJ counterpart. Most of the updates have been going there lately.)

"The world that loves its irony must hate the protest singer..." -- 12:03 AM


8 April 2K3

I have some people over at the board (you know the one) trying to convince me to write a follow-up to one of my Dariafics.
See, it started as a Dariafic Iron Chef contest, which over there isn't really surprising. (Same concept as the cooking show, just without the cooking. And with the writing.) This time the secret ingredient was finding a different common interest for the Fashion Club. First thing in was chess, and the replies were many and varied from there.
I didn't actually write anything for it, but someone else, in reflection of the contest, reffed (and recced!) my fic. On the grounds that the easiest way to tinker with the FC is to change the membership. First, I'm surprised that I was cited as the example, and second, I'm surprised that these people LIKE it as much as they do.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I like that one. Think it's one of my better Dariafics. But, but, when the people egging me on are bloody brilliant in their own right, it gets kinda... kinda... eep. ::dives for table::*
I did have a continuation of it, but I scrapped that (no idea which notebook of my many thousands it's in, either). And Miranda's been rather at odds with Dariafic since I managed to get the crossover done. So I don't know if it's possible. The thing's over a year old as it is...
Actually, the guy praising this thing beta'd Slight Return for me - said he didn't understand the story completely having not read GO, but he thought I wrote very well. (And he apparently didn't know I was behind the story I've been talking about the rest of the time. Weird.)
Then again, if there's actual... like... demand for it, I guess I could try and write something. Would have to get back in the mindset though.

*The table is a looong-standing board joke. May have started at the Outpost Daria board, which hasn't existed for... three years this July, so, yeah, a while. I think Canadibrit had sole rights to it for a while, but then she disappeared and I borrowed the thing. It's to hide under when you're getting a bunch of compliments.

"The world that loves its irony must hate the protest singer..." -- 9:46 PM


30 March 2K3

Am back.
GO/AG crossover ficlet: Storm. War. Technical boy. Argument. Impending Apocalypse. Oh, just go read the thing.
Other various interludes here: Precious (LotR, from the ring's POV), Books (Good Omens, Crowley and Aziraphale talking), and Teleport (er, LotR/Hitchhiker's Guide. /me is still scared of it). Storm is atop the post because it wasn't in its own file at the time.
Award-winning original fiction (really!): Harmonious Madness. Argument over the future of music. In about 1982. Second place in the library's writing contest.
Other creative outlet: LJ Icon Repository.

"The world that loves its irony must hate the protest singer..." -- 4:27 PM


20 February 2K3

(Shh... I'm not s'posed to be online for myself.)
Just making sure the blog is still functional and whatnot. Oh, and I wrote a Good Omens/American Gods ficlet the other day, but due to this sorta-exile thing you won't see it till practically April.

"The world that loves its irony must hate the protest singer..." -- 9:44 PM


24 January 2K3

Started writing up the extended version of my exam satire yesterday.
Nearly three pages into it, I've made the same basic points I made in two paragraphs on the exam. I find that interesting.
Something to read for any of you who are familiar with TLAS. Tres funny.

"The world that loves its irony must hate the protest singer..." -- 9:22 PM


15 January 2K3

That which is begging for background has a title, as of the day after I first mentioned it here - "Love is a Battlefield". Really nothing to do with the song.
Have to write satire as part of English exam. Target: MTV. Will be writing a longer version to be added to writing files.

"The world that loves its irony must hate the protest singer..." -- 10:01 PM


2 January 2K3

Oh, and I posted some Christmasy Horsepersons fic around one in the morning on New Year's.
Then I turned off the computer, remembered I should've written in something about light pollution, and added it yesterday afternoon. See, I forgot about it in the first place because you hear so little about it, but it's just... so him. Which is why I went back and added it.
All the Pestilence refs throughout this one (and a couple in "I Really Admire Your Shoes") are positively begging for background. So now I'm attempting to sort them out. I think I'm the only person who's actually written Pestilence into something thus far (Iron Horses). And here he is again. Fancy that.

"The world that loves its irony must hate the protest singer..." -- 8:35 PM